Do you know your business purpose?

What is your business purpose?

Do you know your business purpose?  I was running a training session last week on ‘How To Create A Great Place To Work’ and the first part of the day was about purpose.

It always amazes me how many business owners don’t know what gets them out of bed in the morning. They have no idea what their purpose is.

So what makes you leap out of bed in the morning to go to work?

What makes you go the extra mile, stay late and do the extra bits and pieces that have to happen to make your business succeed?

What is it that’s actually making you do that? There has to be something.

If you don’t know then until you can get to the root of what your purpose is then you’re going to struggle to make your business succeed. You need to know your purpose and find out what drives you.

Get clear on your business purpose

Let me ask you this question. Are all your employees clear on why the company exists and can they clearly explain it to customers? If I came into your business now and asked your employees what the company purpose was would they be able to tell me? Would they all tell me the same thing? If employees don’t know why the company exists it’s probably one of three reasons.

  1. you don’t have a purpose statement
  2. you don’t have a clear inspiring purpose statement
  3. poor internal communication of the purpose

Your purpose statement needs to be clear, inspiring and compelling and describes what your business does every day.


Share it

Once you know your purpose, then you have to share it.  There is no point in keeping it to yourself. Share it with your family, friends and customers. But most importantly you must share it with your team. They need to know what the purpose of your business is and what you’re trying to achieve. Employees need to understand what the big picture is and secondly how they fit into the big picture.

Most people don’t actually take the time to find out what their purpose is. They have not really thought about their purpose, then they wonder why they’re not getting anywhere.


Let’s recap:

1st step to creating a great place to work is to know your purpose or your why.

2nd step you have to share it with your employees.


Without you’re purpose you’re wasting your time because nobody is going to want to get behind you. You need to get your staff on board with your business purpose so they are all pulling in the same direction – the direction you want the business to go.


Get clarity

Do you ever feel like all your staff are going in a different direction to you?  It’s because you haven’t told them the direction you are heading.

You’ve got to get clarity on what your why or purpose is.

My challenge to you. Find your purpose. I would really love to hear how you get on. Let me know your purpose.

If you need any help finding your business purpose drop me an email

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